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Title: Bath Time Buddies
Author: Beth
Characters: BanaBloom
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Yeah, it happened.
Summary: Orlando spends the day in his studio, Eric helps him clean up. Takes place in the The Problem with Puppies universe
Warnings: PWP, smut, schmoop.
Beta: None, please let me know about any errors.

A/N: I started this ages ago, but finished it to contribute to [ profile] wishuwell4jacks. I know it's late...very late, but hope you like it, [ profile] jackieville
A/N2: Also works for [ profile] 25fluffyfics Prompt#10 - Bath

Stepping outside, Orlando closed the door to his studio behind him and stretched his arms high over his head. The cool breeze was refreshing on his bare chest, the studio had been stifling. He really needed to get the air conditioner fixed.

“Done,” he whispered to himself, a satisfied grin creeping across his face.

He’d been sculpting since early that morning, before Eric had even had woken. It was now late afternoon and he was finally happy with the piece. It had taken hours, pounds and pounds of clay and lots of swearing, but he was finished. He could hear music from the other side of the yard, something with a heavy bass, and he could see Eric in the driveway, washing his beloved Falcon. The dogs played tug of war with a piece of knotted rope nearby.

He whistled softly. Sidi and Chopper dropped the rope and each picked up a tennis ball then bounded over to Orlando as he wandered across the yard. They dropped the balls at his bare feet, jumping and barking in greeting. “Hi, boys, how’re you doing?” He crouched and scratched their ears. “What’re you guys up to? Helping Eric?”

He picked up the soggy balls, making a small grimace at the dog slobber, and threw the balls toward the house. Sidi took off, Chopper right on his heels. Tucking a loose lock of dark hair behind his ear, Orlando followed the sound of music, Scissor Sisters now, and yipping dogs. He smiled as Eric belted out “Fuck and kiss both at the same time”.

His back to Orlando, he was leaning over the hood, wearing only a pair of worn jeans, a rip under his left butt cheek, and some suds. His back, broad and tan, muscles working as he swirled the soapy sponge over the car hood, then rinsed the spot with the hose, singing loudly and shimmying his butt. Scratching his bare stomach, Orlando watched Eric for awhile, biting his lip to keep from laughing at the attempts at dancing. Eric was a lot of things, smooth on his feet was not one of them.

He moved behind Eric and stretched his arms along side his, leaning on his hands on the hood. “Hello,” Orlando said and nipped at Eric’s naked shoulder.

Eric looked down at the clay covered hands that were resting on the hood of his clean car and slapped the soapy cloth on them, “Hey, baby.” Eric turned around to find a very dirty faced Orlando. Smudges of clay were streaked all along his arms and chest, his habit of touching his face or running his hands through his hair made Orlando’s face the worst.

“Jesus, you’re covered in clay,” Eric laughed. He took the sponge in the same hand as the hose and tugged on Orlando’s belt loop, pulling him closer to him with the empty hand. “I thought you were sculpting, not rolling around in the clay,” Eric chuckled. He ran his finger over a streak of dried clay on Orlando’s cheek and into his hair, catching them on some more clay.

“I was having some trouble with the piece,” Orlando sighed “but it’s finished now.”

“Going to tell me what it is?”

“Nope, not yet.”

Eric dropped the sponge and circled his hand around Orlando’s naked waist and slid it up his back, his fingers catching on the irregular splotches of clay that had dried on his skin. “How exactly did you get clay on your back?”

“You don’t want to know,” Orlando grumbled and draped his arms over Eric’s broad shoulders and kissed his nose.

“Phew, you stink.”

Orlando lifted his arm for a sniff test. “Yep, I do. The A/C is broken and it was really hot in the studio with the kiln going.”

“Ever think of cracking a window?” Eric asked, nose wrinkling.

“I was busy.”

“The dogs smell better than you and they’ve been in the compost pile.”

“Oh get over it,” he blew a raspberry. “You smell like a sweat sock after crawling around under your car all day and I don’t bitch about it. Much.”

“Yeah, but I have enough manners to get in the shower before I start pawing you.” Eric grinned.

“Want me to stop?”

“No, just going to hose you down first.” Eric said and aimed the hose for the middle of Orlando’s chest and gave him a quick blast of water.

Orlando laughed and held his hands out to block the spray of the hose, only half believing that Eric will fully turn the hose on him. “I can’t believe you fucking did that,” Orlando cackled. “Tool.”

“Believe it,” Eric said sternly, but grinning at the same time. He grabbed the belt loop on Orlando’s jeans and pulled him close, stuffing the hose down the back of his jeans. Orlando howled as the cold water flooded his jeans and dragged them even lower on his hips.

“Fuck this!” Orlando yelped, he yanked the hose from his pants, threw it at Eric and turned to run away. He only managed to complete his turn before Eric caught hold of him. He yanked his wrist, dancing away from the water Eric was aiming at him, cursing fluently at Eric.

“Uh uh,” Eric said grabbing a hold of Orlando’s arm. “Get back here. Need to get the top layer of dirt off while we’re at it.”

Wrapping an arm around Orlando’s squirming body, Eric tugged him close and showered the cold water down the front of Orlando. Eric’s fingers rested in a particularly ticklish spot and Orlando couldn’t help giggling in between complaints about the cold.

Thinking Orlando was attacking Eric; Chopper charged over and started dancing around the wrestling pair, barking. Sidi, thinking Eric was attacking Orlando, ran over and joined Chopper. Both dogs were clearly torn between their masters and confused by who was the aggressor and who was the victim. The best they could do was race around Eric and Orlando and bark and jump.

“You know,” Orlando gasps, “I can’t r-really afford to lose an ass cheek to frostbite. I don’t have a lot to s-spare.”

“You have enough to fit in my hand,” Eric said and demonstrated by quickly grabbing Orlando’s butt. “I’ll warm you up,” he promised.

“OK, enough, seriously,” Orlando says, his teeth chattering. He squirmed and pushed at Eric’s chest.

“Almost done,” Eric said through gritted teeth. “Just stop fucking wiggling.” Orlando struggled harder and pinched a bare nipple.

“Ow! You little fucker!” Eric shrieked and loosened his grip for a second.

And Orlando took his chance. Putting both hands on Eric’s chest, Orlando shoved him, hard, and made a break for the house. But Eric was either expecting the escape attempt or he’s quicker than Orlando thought he was. He snagged the back of Orlando’s jeans and swung him back to Eric.

“Oh no you don’t, monkey.”

“Eric!” Orlando whined loudly. “Come ON! I’m fucking freezing!” The more noise Orlando made, the louder the dogs barked, adding some growls to sound more fearsome and the harder Eric laughed.

“Stop squirming and it will go faster. You’re almost done.”

Eric turned the hose on him once more, head to toe. There was a small smudge on Orlando’s cheek, but most of the clay was gone. “OK. All done.”

Orlando straightened his back, threw back his shoulders and fixed an evil glare on Eric. “You. Suck.” And then, with a surprising amount of dignity, he walked into the house. Dripping and hiking his sodden jeans up every second step.

“I’ll join you in a minute,” Eric called.

Orlando flipped him off over his shoulder, only just grabbing the left side of his pants before his entire butt cheek was exposed.

Eric chuckled as he coiled up the hose. His eyes stayed on Orlando, hoping for the quick view of butt he may get when Orlando didn’t grab his jeans fast enough.


Eric entered the large master bath; steam billowed over him as he opened the door. Waving his arms in front of him to clear the air, Eric looked in the oversized, sunken tub for Orlando. He saw mountains of bubbles covering the surface and some water slopped over the edge, he spotted the little yellow rubber duck, but nothing else.


Slowly, Orlando’s head appeared amidst the mass of fragrant bubbles, a large pile of foam stuck to the top of his head. Through the bubbles, all Eric could really see is Orlando’s dark eyes, glaring at him. He sat on the edge of the tub, reaching out a hand to move a stray lock of Orlando’s hair from his forehead. He drew his finger down Orlando’s temple to his cheek and Orlando tried to bite him.

Eric grinned. “Feisty. I like that.” He stood up and started unbuttoning his jeans.

“Don’t even think about getting in here with me,” Orlando growled.

“Oh, I’m getting there with you. I promised to warm you up,” Eric said confidently, struggling with his wet jeans. The rubber duck squeaked when it hit Eric in the stomach.

“Throwing your bath time buddies at me isn’t going to stop me,” Eric said.

“It won’t work. I don’t care what you do, I’m not done being pissed yet,” Orlando said, the barest hint of a smile curling the side of his mouth.

Eric stepped into the tub behind Orlando and nudged him in the butt with his foot. “Really? Nothing?”

“Nothing,” Orlando assured. “But feel free to have a go.”

“God, I love you when you pout.”

“Piss off.”

“Ooh,” Eric cooed. “I get a side order of bitchy too. It’s my lucky day. Lean forward.” He prodded Orlando’s shoulder with his hand, pushing him gently. With an aggravated huffing sound, Orlando scooted forward in the tub. Eric slipped in behind him, sliding his legs around the outside of Orlando’s. “That’s more like it,” Eric sighed and leaned back in the tub, pulling Orlando back to rest against his chest. “You smell much better.” He kissed the top of Orlando’s shoulder.

Orlando smiled and ran his hands over the tops of Eric’s thighs, comfortable and much warmer with Eric behind him. He felt Eric cock poking him in the small of his back. Good. Now he didn’t have to worry about his cock peeking out of the water like a submarine periscope.

Large, muscular arms closed around Orlando’s waist, hugging him quickly before reaching for the loofah. “How pissed are you?” Eric soaked the loofah in water, added some gel soap and squishing it to make suds.

“’m pretty mad,” Orlando said unconvincingly and stretched over Eric’s body. Eric rubbed the soapy sponge in circles on Orlando’s chest. “Thinking of leaving you.”

“You can’t leave me,” Eric whispered confidently. “Our anniversary is next week. You be a really big dick to leave me on our anniversary.” Eric abandoned the loofah to float in the water and let his hands roam over Orlando’s skin, tracing each nipple with his finger tips. His hand disappeared under the water, following the line of hair below Orlando’s navel.

“What if I left tonight? Or tomorrow then?” Orlando hitched his leg up, his knee breaking through the surface of the water. Eric’s other hand wandered down the inside of his thigh.

“Still a dick,” Eric murmured as he mouthed the skin below Orlando’s ear.

“I guess you’re in luck then,” Orlando smiled and turned his face to kiss Eric’s neck. “I don’t want to ruin my reputation.” Eric let his hand slide further between Orlando’s spread legs, his fingertips barely brushing the skin behind Orlando’s balls. “Oh fuck,” Orlando gasped. “Do that again.” He opened his mouth over the pulse in Eric’s neck, licking.

“Promise not to leave me.” He softly pressed his fingers, making Orlando arch slightly.

“Never. Leave,” Orlando whispered, only able to get a single word out at a time. “Promise.”

The fingers gripping the back of Orlando’s thigh tightened and pulled, holding him open and Eric slid a finger inside Orlando. He groaned and tilted his hips, taking the finger deeper. Nudging Eric’s jaw with his nose, he whispered, “Kiss me.”

Moaning into the kiss, Orlando wiggled a little until Eric’s cock nestled between the cheeks of his ass. Eric thrust slowly, sliding in his crease, fingers pumping slowly in his ass. Orlando’s fingers slipped on the sides of the tub, plashing into the water as he searched for something to hold on to. Not breaking the kiss, Eric grabbed one of Orlando’s hands and hooked it around the back of Eric’s neck. Tongue tangling happily with Eric’s, Orlando groaned. The slow pace Eric set was making him tremble. He set his feet on the bottom of the tub and started to rock his hips, rubbing his ass harder against Eric’s cock. His hand slid over Eric’s, pushing Eric’s fingers deeper, harder into his ass.

“Ooh yeah…there,” Orlando panted, “Again. Harder.”

Eric twisted his fingers, pushing them deeper into Orlando. He slid an arm over Orlando’s stomach, holding him tightly to Eric’s body as he finger fucked him harder and faster.

Orlando’s fingernails dug into the skin of Eric’s neck. “Ohgoddamn,” he mumbled and buried his face in Eric’s neck, biting to keep from screaming.

“You’re about to get fucked,” Eric panted. “Here? Or do you want to move to our bed?”


“Bed or tub?” Eric said sharply. Orlando undulating over him, against him had pushed him to the edge of his control and the last place he wanted to come was on Orlando. At least this time.

Orlando lifted his head and gave Eric a smirk. “Close, baby?”

“That’s it,” Eric announced. “Bed. Get up.”

His snicker turned into a slow whimper as Eric pulled his fingers from his body. He climbed out of the tub, grabbed a towel and did a quick rub down to get most of the water off. “The tub was fine, you know.”

Eric hmphed and took another towel from the rack. “I gave you a choice.” He smacked Orlando on the ass then picked him up and carried him to their bedroom. “You didn’t pick fast enough.” He threw Orlando onto the bed, waited for him to stop bouncing and then threw himself onto Orlando. “Besides,” he kissed Orlando’s stomach, licking into his belly button, “it’s my week to clean the bathrooms and fucking in the tub makes waves. So, bed.”

“Lazy ass,” Orlando chuckled and pushed Eric on to his back. “I’m on top then.”

Eric snorted. “Like I’d argue with that.”

“Move up. Against the headboard.” Eagerly Eric did as he was told and Orlando snaked his way up Eric’s long frame, kissing away the small drops of water the towel had missed.

He settled, straddling Eric’s hip and kissed him. Eric ran his hands up the back of Orlando’s thighs, over his ass and rested on his waist. He tugged Orlando down so his cock slid up the crease of Orlando’s ass. Orlando moaned as Eric’s hand encouraged a slow roll of his hips.

“I’ve thought of tying your hands to the headboard,” Orlando whispered against his lips.

“Yeah?” Eric raised an interested eyebrow. “Why haven’t you?”

“Like your hands on me too much. Moving me the way you want me to.”

“Mmmm,” Eric agreed. “Grab the lube so I can keep them on you.” His fingers teased the soft skin of Orlando’s perineum as Orlando reached into the bedside table.

Orlando’s hand trembled and he bit his lip to keep his concentration as he coated Eric’s cock with lube. He pushed Eric’s distracting hand out of the way and slid the head of Eric’s cock against his hole and lowered himself.

Jesus. Christ. Eric grunted. Orlando felt so good it left him with only animal sounds. His body embraced by Orlando’s, surrounding Eric in warmth and tightness. His arms tightened around Orlando’s waist and he pressed his lips to Orlando’s chest, feeling his heart beating rapidly.

Orlando fingers clenched in Eric’s hair. He shifted, sliding his knees further apart on the bed. Sliding Eric’s cock deeper. Pleasure burst low in his stomach with the steady press of Eric’s cock on his prostate. He rolled his hips, dragging his cock along Eric’s chest, a path of pre-come trailing after, hinting.

The only parts of Eric that moved were his fingers, tensing and relaxing on the back of Orlando’s thighs and his teeth, gently biting at his collar bone. He seemed perfectly content to be buried up to his balls in Orlando and just…sit there.

“Are you going to move?” Orlando panted.


“Move?” he gasped. “Are you going to? You know. Fuck me?”

“Uh-uh,” Eric groaned. But even as he said it, the urge to thrust was building.

“Nice, baby,” Orlando whimpered. “Soak me with a hose and make me do all the work.”

“You wanted to be on top.”

Orlando started swiveling his hips in a slow circle, Eric’s cock sliding inside him just enough to make him moan and shudder. Holding tightly to Eric’s shoulders, waiting for Eric to do something, he moved a little faster, rising up a few inches, then pushing his ass back down, hard, on Eric’s cock. “Oh,” he whispered, his bottom lip disappearing beneath his teeth, “Oh!”

Mouth suddenly drier than sand, Eric licked his lips. Orlando’s head hung forward, curtained in waves of thick brown hair, eyelids fluttering, trying to control his breathing as it stuttered past his parted lips. He’d watched Orlando do a lot of things, watched him ride Eric’s cock, watched him fuck himself on Eric’s fingers, but this…

This slow, slinky, hip-rolling, back arching undulation of his body was new. God, it was fucking hot. Unconsciously, his need and desire pushing him, Orlando moved on Eric, fucking himself slowly, deliberately. If he wasn’t moaning Eric’s name every few seconds, Eric might think he was being used, like a toy, an elaborate 6’ 4” dildo, just there for Orlando’s pleasure.

And that thought sent a whole different wave of filthy lust through his system. He grabbed Orlando’s waist and uncontrollably, his body jerked up, driving his cock deep into Orlando’s ass.

“Eric” Orlando yelled.

He settled back on the bed, holding Orlando up, almost completely off his cock for a second, then pulled him back down, plunging back into the grasping heat of Orlando’s body. Eric moaned, “You feel so fucking good.”

Tightening his hold on Orlando’s hips, Eric thrust upwards into his willing body. Orlando threw his head back, tossing his hair from his eyes and leaned in to lick Eric’s lips, “Harder.”

Taking hold of the headboard, Orlando braced himself for every slam of Eric’s cock. And met it with a fast drive down, pushing his cock harder against his prostate. Orlando’s back arched and he shook with the effort of his near orgasm.

He leaned down and took Eric’s mouth in a bruising kiss. Eric growled around Orlando’s searching tongue. He pulled back, resting his lips on Eric’s. Orlando’s eyes were dark and glittering as he whispered, “So close. Touch my cock, make me come with you.”

Eric wrapped his long fingers around Orlando’s cock, palming the head to smear the pre-come over his hand and fucked Orlando harder and faster, deeper. It didn’t matter that he’d lost any kind of rhythm, they were both too close. A few rough strokes of his cock and Orlando screamed Eric’s name as his orgasm crashed over him. He released the headboard and crumpled over Eric’s chest, burying his face in Eric’s neck. Eric thrust wildly a few more times, and came. He let go of Orlando’s cock and wrapped his arms around Orlando’s shivering back. He moaned, low and deep against Eric’s neck, rubbing his cock against Eric’s stomach and riding out the last of his climax.

Warm lips kissed his neck as Orlando found the strength to move again. “Don’t,” Eric said.

“Sticky,” he mumbled.


“I need another shower.”

“Want me to get the hose?”

Orlando bit him.


Orlando snuggled in as Eric’s arms closed more tightly around him. “Love you.”

~ Next Day ~

Orlando stood on the kitchen, next to the counter, a very determined look on his face. The blue and yellow macaw stared back at Orlando with just has much determination. He rested his elbow on the counter and held a picture of Eric up in front of the parrot.

“Eric,” he stated firmly and pointed to the picture. “Eric.”

The parrot cocked his head to the side then walked across the counter to the breadbox and gnawed on the side of it. “Come back here,” Orlando said softly and surprisingly, the parrot waddled back to him. “Eric,” Orlando repeated and this time held up a parrot treat next to Eric’s picture.

The parrot eyed the treat and Orlando.


“Errrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccc,” Orlando said patiently, elongating Eric’s name and enunciating clearly. He waved the treat.

“Eri.” The parrot stopped, stuck it seemed on the hard consonant.

Orlando nearly wet his pants with excitement. “Good bird,” Orlando praised and handed over the treat. He stroked the blue feathers on the parrots head. “Try again. Eric.”


“Orlando?” Eric called as he strolled into the kitchen, Chopper at his heels.

“Asshole!” the parrot cawed merrily and flapped his wings.

Orlando’s head hit the counter in defeat.

“Fuck you, turkey,” Eric smiled. He leaned over Orlando and kissed the back of his neck. “Whatcha doing, pretty boy?”

“Nothing,” Orlando mumbled.

“Where is my set of screwdrivers?”

Face still on the counter, Orlando answered, “In my studio.”

Eric grimaced. “You didn’t sculpt with them? Did you?” It wouldn’t have been the first time Orlando used one of Eric’s tools, returning them covered in clay.

Orlando chuckled and lifted his head. “No. I had to tighten the legs on the bench. They’re all nice and clean. Or at least as clean as you left them.”


When he entered the studio, it was surprisingly empty of pieces. Considering what a mess Orlando had been, Eric expected to see a hundred vases or bowls or something, but all he saw was one small sculpture.

He walked slowly towards it, his stomach clenching a bit. It stood about twelve inches high, made of smooth dark red clay. Two men, one shorter, more slender than his lover, wrapped up in each others arms. One hand of the taller man, rested in the small of the back of the shorter man. Their lips were barely touching. He just knew it was he and Orlando.

“Jesus,” Eric mumbled.

Before he could do anything more, Orlando crashed through the studio door. Eric spun around to face Orlando. “You weren’t supposed to see that.” His fingers twisted the hem of his shirt nervously.

“I-I…It’s beautiful, Orlando,” Eric whispered and turned back to the sculpture, staring at it, stomach tightening. “What’s it for?”

“It was for our anniversary.”

“Was?” Eric asked. His eyes crinkled at the corners with his smile. “Are we not having one now?”

“After the hose treatment?” Orlando asked incredulously.

“But what about the bath? You promised you weren’t leaving me. And in bed? You said ‘love you’. I heard you!”

“True,” Orlando said and rubbed a hand through his hair. “But that was sex.”

“OK,” Eric smiled and moved to Orlando and wrapped his arms around his waist. “If I take you inside, lay you down on our bed-”

“Are you going to change the sheets?”

“Shut up,” Eric nipped Orlando’s ear. “Lay you down and make love to you. Then can I have the sculpture?”

“Breakfast in bed too?”

“You’re pushing it. Maybe. If I can cook the parrot.”

“You can’t cook the parrot. I went through thirty pounds of clay,” Orlando said, his arms flopping to his sides dramatically. “Just to make you something and…” He added a theatrical sniffle at the end of his sentence, ‘And you hosed me.”

“Breakfast in bed, whatever you want,” Eric grinned and kissed Orlando’s nose.

“Then, yes. You can have the sculpture.” Orlando smiled, brilliant and bright, finally able to let show how happy he was that Eric liked the sculpture.

“I love you,” Eric murmured and kissed him.

“Love you too. Happy Anniversary.”

~ the end ~

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Oh boys... It's never too late for jackies comm honey! It's an ongoing thing now. If you think she'll like it, link it. Besides, anything from you is a very cherished gift. *smooches*



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Thanks, Jo. That's very kind of you to say:)


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Awww, I love these boys.

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Thanks. Me too;)

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*thud* Dang, that was smokin'!!!

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I adore Eric and Orli. Thank you for sharing.

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Me too. Thanks for reading! And commenting.

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You ROCK my world!!! I am in Banabloom heaven! Thank you so much, sweetheart!!! I am in love with this hot and amazing story!!!! *loves*

*squishes you tightly*

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I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry that it took so long.


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Oh my, this is so perfect, I can't beleive I almost missed this. I am grinning so happily right now, you wouldn't believe it - just the thing I needed, especially since I have to start to work again today.

I really adore the way you write those two, in this particular universe especially but in general, too. I do realise that I am not leaving f/b often enough, which is really shameful of me, but the reason for that is that usually after reading something you wrote I am on that cloud number ten and a half or whatever the blissed out cloud of smut and menloving is, and can't find proper words.

I guess it's your love for details that sucks me right in, the way I can clearly picture every scene you paint, from the splotches of clay on Orlando's body to the way his jeans are too loose even before the hosing down, from the rather undignified attempt of dancing Eric does to the rubber ducky assault, the dog's confusion and excitement, and ooooh, the asshole!parrot (ADORE him) - everything's so clear and bright in my head as if I was standing right next to them. Then there is the dialogue - it sounds funny and witty and tongue-in-cheek and at the same time it clearly speaks of affection and sounds so very real. I love the way they tease each other, the way Orlando really is a bit mad at Eric (even if not for very long), hell, I even love the way they call each other 'baby' - and that usually is a pet peeve of mine, but in your writing it is just the cheery on top of all the things that are awesome.

You really do write my favourite version of Eric and Orlando together, it's fics like this that speak so clearly of why Banabloom is meant to be. The way you write them, they're both lovable, slightly quirky and so very, very real and in love, it's almost scary if it weren't so very good.

So, back to cloud number ten and a half now. Err, I meant, off to work now...
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You're going back to work already?

I never know what to say to your feedback. To say that it makes me smile, blush and feel like I can do anything would be an understatement. An epic understatement. I love your stories so much, to hear that you enjoy mine is...just...mind blowing.

Sorry about the 'baby's, I'm kind of stuck on that;) I try to not use it too much because I know exactly what you mean.

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Of course, you left out an important point - what does the parrot call Orlando?
Thank you!

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I'm sorry, I forgot to put in a note. The parrot (and Chopper) were introduced in The Problem with Puppies (

But he calls Orlando 'Pretty Boy';)

thanks for reading!

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What Caro said. *nods*

Okay, that's cheating, but she really did say what I wanted to, so I will just say "Ditto", and add "Lucky Jacks, she will love it!".

You have got to write more of this 'verse! *bats eyelashes* Please?

And it must have parrot...uncooked.
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Cheating, Schmeating;)

Thanks very much. I think the parrot will show up again. He's starting to grow on Eric, no matter what he says;)
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Thanks, Jen! You know me, I gotta get the sap in there;)
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Oh God how much I missed you as much as I missed these guys *SIIIIIIIIIGH*

Thanks a lot Beth you make my day.


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Thanks, Kla. I missed them too.


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That was truly adorable!!!! You packed a lot of cute in this one. I'm so glad Asshole warmed up both of Pretty Boy's adorable butt cheeks. ;) Must read again ...

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Gotta make sure the butt cheeks are properly taken care of...very important;)


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Very hot, domestic and adorkable. Lovely combination! :D

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That is a GREAT word.

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked it.

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They're the best! Especially written by you!
Thanks for sharing! Hugs and kisses!

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Aw, thanks. You're making me blush.

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Thanks, very much;)

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Awwww this was so sweet and hot, gotta love Orlando's bathtime buddies!

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Thank you! He's a dork, but that's one of the things I love about him;)

Thanks for reading!

Date: 2008-09-09 02:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
N'awwww! I love them so much it makes my insides all warm and mooooshie.

Really, can't I keep you in my guest room and have you write Banabloom for me all day long??? I'll feed you cookies and buy all the gay porn you want. Promise!


Date: 2008-09-09 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Thank you. I'm glad to know that someone else enjoys them lovey-dovey.

Well, that's a sweet offer, but to get me to move back to the Twin Cities...I'll needs lots of cookies and a lot of porn.


Date: 2008-09-09 11:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*sigh* LOVE this universe, they're so perfectly in love. *puppydog eyes* More please? *begs*

Date: 2008-09-09 10:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank You! I hope to do more with this universe, thanks for the encouragement.

Date: 2008-09-12 12:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
you can always make me smile! Not to mention cause me to explode in orligasm goodness, pant like a dog left outside in 100 degree weather and just generally melt from the hotness of your wicked and oh so delicious sexmation! YOU ARE MY GODDESS! I bow to you oh queen of the BanaBloom. Damn! That bathroom scene.. the fingers, BETH! The fingers! I wanted to just stay there forever!

THAT WAS ONE OF THE HOTTEST DAMN RIDING SCENES I HAVE EVER READ! EVER! DAMN! Eric thought it was hot for him! I swear I can still smell the circuitry that was once my brain smoldering out my ears!

Then of course the little bits of fun and humor! The hosing (the one outside with the water, not the one in the bedroom.. lol), the nipple pinch, the 6'4" dildo image, the parrot happily greeting "asshole"... all of the fun and enjoyable things that make the steamin' sex even more endearing and smokin'! You are a genius! Reading this I would never guess you were having troubles writing this past year. It never shows BETH!

Oh and how couldn't I love it when rubber ducky is involved!


Thank you!!!!!

Date: 2008-09-12 12:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh and then I have to comment just to use this one...

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-13 12:03 am (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-13 12:31 am (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-14 02:42 pm (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-12 12:12 am (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-13 12:02 am (UTC) - Expand

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-13 12:36 am (UTC) - Expand

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-14 02:41 pm (UTC) - Expand

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-13 12:01 am (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-13 12:38 am (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2008-09-14 02:38 pm (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2008-11-04 09:43 pm (UTC)
ext_122933: (Eric bunny)
From: [identity profile]
Why have I only just found this? Why? *Head desk* It's brilliant!

And I was actually stopping by to wish YOU a Happy Birthday, so it seems very unfair that I've got a present and I haven't got one for you *looks pathetic*. Would you settle for heartfelt hugs and good wishes until my muses get their arses into gear? *Kicks Eric, tells him to stop playhig with his brrm, brrm*

Date: 2008-11-05 02:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm so glad you liked it. Sometimes, I'm afraid I get too sappy.

Heartfelt hugs and warm wishes are always welcome. Thank you very much.



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