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Hope you have a great day, Marge!


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Don't clean and pack too much today, eat some cake along the way;)  Have a great day!

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Even though my new bra will be brought up on attempted homicide charges for trying to strangle me...its a good day!

First and foremost, a very close friend of mine has returned safe and sound from Iraq. Technically, he was back last week but he took a week off to spend with his family before coming back to the office. The nerve;)

Second! Eric and Orlando were out together! I've waited four years for this!

If you click for the big picture, you can see that Eric has a hicky and Orlando has some kind of booboo on his hand/wrist that I'm positive is a rug burn.


Twirls Pom-Poms and shouts the BanaBloom Cheer )
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Title: Raspberries
Author: Beth
Rating: R for language

Read more )
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I had a major nerd attack I went on a fact finding mission to discover as much as I could about your birthday.  Here's what I sure to read to the very end, Lamby )

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Don't think so...


Just sayin'....

pieced together with caps from [ profile] lancelotfan at [ profile] boleyngirls
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Title: Making Up is Easy to Do

Author: Beth
Characters: Hector & Paris
Word Count: 4,027
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer:  Yeah, it happened. 

Summary: Hector neglects Paris and needs to kiss a little ass to make up for it.

Warnings: PWP, smut.   As far from the real story as you can get.

Beta & Banner by [ profile] galor5

Paris fought the urge to smack his naked ass and left the room. )

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Tagged by [ profile] galor5.

The point is to choose a New Year Tree (they look suspiciously like Christmas Trees ;) ) from here and put it up on your LJ, then tag 5 more people.

So, here's my Christmas New Years Tree.


Not sure who's been tagged yet...but I'll give [ profile] piperbelle, [ profile] ladymarmalade77, [ profile] lambchop33, [ profile] tularia and [ profile] fairyspell a try.

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Title: Christmas Snores
Author: Beth
Characters: BanaBloom
Word Count: 3,084
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer:  Yeah, it happened.  Eric and Orli told all about it as they played with a ball of yarn.

Beta: [ profile] galor5

Summary:  None, really.  A snapshot of Christmas.

Warnings: silliness, schmoop and smut.


Nothing holly jolly at all. )

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Spiffy Orlando/Bumble/Eric Christmas banner courtesy of the wonderful [ profile] galor5!

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Title: In Which Orlando Dreams and Calls Eric
Author: Beth
Characters: BanaBloom
Word Count: 2,420
Rating: NC-17
Beta:[ profile] galor5
Disclaimer:  Yeah, it happened.  Eric and Orli told me all about it as they painted my toenails last night.
Summary:  See title.  Just some smut, nothing complicated here folks.

[ profile] 50kinkyways Prompt: 23 – Phone/Voice Sex 

“It was a sex dream.” Orlando whispered throatily. )

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I've set my whole journal to 'explicit adult content'.  I'll be honest, I like my smut and this journal is pretty much all about the smut.  If I'm not writing it, I'm at least talking about it or perving in some way or another.  The settings on [ profile] adult_eric and [ profile] banalando will be changed to explicit content too.

So, if you are not logged in to LJ or you do not have the proper age in your profile, you shouldn't be able to view my posts.

I actually think its not a terrible solution to keeping the pron away from kids.  But honestly, I don't want to deal with any possible bullshit with someone's kid finding something they find 'offensive' in my lj.  And I don't want to go Friends Only.  This seems like the easiest solution.

I'm lazy.  Sue me.
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hi Y'all! Piper here ... posting all drunk like in Beth's journal (It's drinking by the pool day ... I blew up both our rafts btw...Beth has sore throat  *tiny violin*)

She sent me up to the room to top up our drinks and I decided to let you know that we've had a bit of high winds and rain in the evenings and we thing Hurricane Hoot is blowing  through.  Might be just what Tight Ass Will needs to loosen him up .... Of course Beth will be writning this and I'll just be her consultant, :P

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Good Morning!

Her nibs (aka [ profile] piperbelle) is still asleep, so I thought I would kill time drinking coffee and playing on LJ.  I'd still be asleep too except the asshole who had the place before left the alarm clock set for 4 am.  Yeah, you read that right. 

cut for more coffee induced drivel... )

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What do you think, Lamby?  NY is only a few hours drive from me...

And he's legal now. *snerk*

"Naked Harry Potter Coming To Broadway!
It has just been confirmed….

Daniel Radcliffe will be reprising his role as the horsey-loving lead in Equus for American audiences.
The revival of Peter Shaffer’s play will open on Broadway next year.
All the perverts in New York are eagerly awaiting for tickets to go on sale! "

thank you;)

Nov. 6th, 2007 07:11 pm
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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.

I thought that the big 4-0 might be a bit traumatic, but starting with a Happy Birthday text message from [ profile] galor5 at an absolutely heinous time in the morning (honestly, old ladies like me need our sleep), the day was anything but traumatic.  Her picspams of my three favorite men kept me grinning all day as did the lovely birthday card and porny drabble [ profile] galor5 wrote.

Wonderful cards,  birthday banners and LJ gifts from [ profile] piperbelle, [ profile] bunnysummers,[ profile] ladymarmalade77,[ profile] okinay,[ profile] tularia, [ profile] jackieville and [ profile] lost_marbles555 added even more fun. 

I even enjoyed getting chewed out by [ profile] illuminated_sin and [ profile] lambchop33 for not having my birth date in my profile so their reminders worked.  Lamby let me off easy and made a fan-fucking-tastic Paris/Hector animation. Bless her filthy mind.

On Saturday I head to Grand Cayman for a week.  Fuck turning 40 in the cold;)  [ profile] piperbelle is going with me and I hope she's as excited as I am to finally meet in person.  *waves Will Turner pillowcase*

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.  If I have, blame it on senile dementia (I'm old now, you know) and not a lack of appreciation.

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Leave a message and I'll leave you a treat.  Or maybe a trick;)  Treats might be pics of fave actors, a manip of OTPs, actual pictures of candy, one sentence fics, anything is possible.  Tricks might'll just have to take your chances.

Please join us and invite trick or treaters to your own door. :-) The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be!

Thanks to [personal profile] stormatdusk and [profile] foxrafer for dreaming this up and for the nifty Halloween door.
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if is a reliable source.

"According to and Variety, Australian actor Eric Bana will be playing a new villain called "Nero" in the J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek movie, according to inside sources.

No word if the villain will be a Romulan, as rumored.
Bana played Bruce Banner in the
Hulk movie and most recently played the role of Romulus in the movie Romulus, My Father. He also starred in Steven Spielberg's Munich and the epic movie Troy.

Actors Russell Crowe and Karl Urban were rumored to being considered for the role of the villain in the movie.

Abrams had been expected to pursue bigger-name actors for the roles of the villain and the Federation captain.

The original reports can be found 
here and here."


Mmmmmm....Eric as a villain...yummy.
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Went back to work today.  First time in the office since August 17th and found it redecorated.  I'll never get any work done in there now...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More of the new wallpaper... )

MOME Award

Sep. 23rd, 2007 11:17 am
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What a welcome home!

The Problem with Puppies won a [ profile] mome_awards for Orlando Bloom/Eric Bana Best Short Fiction.

Look at the lovely banner [ profile] galor5 made!  And the matching icon!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thank you to whoever nominated and voted.  Makes me all warm and squishy inside.
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