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If I can't be a good example -- then I'll just have to be a horrible warning

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I'm a little paranoid about my RL mixing with my slashy, porn addicted online life, so my LJ is Friends Only.

If you're here for the porn, that will remain unlocked, so if you'd rather avoid my babbling, you don't need to friend me.

But, if you see me around in other people's journals or communities, and think we might get along, then I'd be happy to add you as a friend. Please leave a comment here so I know you've added me. If I've never heard from you or seen you around, I may take a minute or two before friending back.

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Warning: This journal contains stories depicting explicit sex between two male characters. If you don't like it, don't read! And save the speeches about how wrong it is for someone who gives a rats ass.

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What do you know...I'm obsessed with Orlando Bloom...and Eric Bana...And Eric Bana doing Orlando Bloom. I read and write slash...if you don't know what that is, you probably don't want to read this journal. I've written het in the past, but seem to have drifted away from it. I may go back *shrugs*. All stories are marked so read what you like...skip what you don't.

If you like what you read...please comment and let me know. It makes me very happy and keeps the creative juices flowing...

WOW! I won some awards! Click on the link or banner to be taken to the story.

2005 BanaBloom Awardsbanabloomawards

Best PWP and Best Sex Scene Take It Like A Man

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Best Comedy Bite Me

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Fic Under Pressure Auld Lang Syne (Times Gone By)

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2007 Slashy Oscarsslashy_oscars

Best Comedic Relief Characters – The Hobbit Commentators
The Lube Olympics

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Best Crossover – Short Fic

The Problem with Puppies

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2007 Men of Middle Earth Award mome_awards

Orlando Bloom/Eric Bana – Best Short Fiction

The Problem of Puppies

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BanaBloom Award Banners made by the lovely, talented galor5

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