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Title: In Which the Falcon Gets a Paint Job...
Author: Beth
Characters: BanaBloom
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer:  Yeah, it happened. 
Summary: Eric has a hard on for his car...and Orlando.
Warnings: PWP, smut.   No real story to be found
Beta: [ profile] galor5

A/N: Birthday smut for the beloved [ profile] piperbelle.  It's not much, but hopefully it will make you smile.
A/N2: I know the title feel free to make suggestions.

One hand on his cell phone, one on the steering wheel, Eric swore loudly and tried to find the right combination of buttons to retrieve his voice mail as he drove.  The damn thing had more functions than the space shuttle and he didn’t know how to work any of them.  How the fuck Orlando could use every function of his cell phone but not manage to work their microwave was a mystery.  He found a video that looked suspiciously like the back of his head, bobbing up and down, and made a note to not let Orlando use his phone again.  A horn bellowed and Eric looked up from his phone.  Swerving back into his own lane and narrowly avoiding a collision with a tractor trailer, Eric dropped the cell on the floor.  Once his heart returned to a normal rhythm and he exited the highway for the calmer roads of his neighborhood, Eric groped around the floor for the phone.


By some miracle, he managed to find the right buttons and not wreck his car. 


“Hey, it’s me.  I’m running out to find some food for dinner.  Be back in an hour or so.  There’s a surprise for you in the garage.”


Eric flipped his cell phone shut as he pulled into the driveway and hit the remote control button for the garage door.  He considered calling Orlando and asking him to pick up ice cream, but the lure of a ‘surprise’ seemed more enticing than dessert.  Besides, they could always go out and get ice cream later.


Putting the car in park and climbing out, Eric looked around.  He didn’t see anything immediately.  His and Orlando’s motorcycles, an empty space for Orlando’s Land Rover, the Cadillac convertible he’d just bought.  Then a flash of deep red, almost purple caught his eye and Eric stopped, dead in his tracks.  The high pitched squeal of delight would have shocked everyone who knew him.  Except for Orlando, who heard the same sound when he did that wicked, twisting thing with his tongue to Eric’s ear.


At the far end of the garage, in the last of the six spots was the Falcon.  Finally.  Finally, his baby was back.  And she was beautiful.  Between his schedule and his inability to allow anyone else to work on his car, it had been over a year since the Falcon had been fully repaired after his wreck at Targa.  The last thing was the paint job.  He would have insisted on painting the car himself too, but his garage wasn’t set up for painting.  The shop must have finished early; it wasn’t supposed to be done for another three days.


Eric walked slowly towards the Falcon as if the car was a small animal he’d scare away if he moved too fast.  He wiped his hands on his jeans and whistling softly, Eric ran his fingers over the glossy, black cherry paint.  After the crash, Eric had chosen a new color for the Ford and gone with the dark cherry instead of the apple red it had been since he was fifteen. 


Sexy, Orlando had called the color.  Well, Orlando would know, wouldn’t he?  His cock seemed to nod in agreement.  “Down, boy,” Eric mumbled.  As usual, as soon as he thought of Orlando, he thought of sex.  Orlando had turned him into a nymphomaniac.  Well, if you had to have some kind of mania…


He walked around the car three times, dark eyes checking every bit of the surface, making certain there were no imperfections in the paint.  His fingers dragged along the smooth lines of the body, leaving a smudged trail.  Right now, he would have preferred to run his hands over Orlando’s body, he had a hard on that would rival a teenagers in a porn theater.  But that would have to wait for later. 


Satisfied that the painters had done a good job, he opened the driver door and sunk into the leather seat.  He sighed loudly and contentedly, leaned his head back and closed his eyes.  Trying to ignore his erection, Eric thought of taking a road trip.  Him and Orlando and the open road. 


The talking would be incessant. 


The Falcon only had an 8 track cassette player and without a CD for Orlando to sing along with, he’d be chewing Eric’s ear off.  Orlando had begged him to get an adapter so they could have some music, but he’d lied and told him that there was no such thing.  Secretly, Eric loved the chipmunk-like chatter and the rambling conversations that Orlando had mostly with himself.  He loved when Orlando realized that he was answering his own questions, scrunched his nose and asked Eric if he was paying attention. 


And when Eric answered, quoting Orlando’s last few sentences and the themes of the conversation, he loved the sappy, sticky sweet look on Orlando’s face.  He chuckled softly and wondered if he could convince Orlando into leaving as soon as he got home.


His cock twitched and reminded Eric that it was still there and still wanted some kind of attention.  Where was Orlando?  Jesus.  Did he go to frickin’ Sydney to get food?  His hand wandered under his shirt, fingertips sneaking just under the waistband of his jeans.  Jerking off wasn’t really his…thing.  At least it wasn’t if Orlando wasn’t there to lend a helping hand.  He snickered at his shitty joke. 


He palmed his cock through his jeans hoping that the brief pressure would give him just enough relief to wait for Orlando to get home.  Instead, he arched into his own touch, his cock growing even harder.


“Fuck it,” he muttered and flicked open the buttons on his fly.  Not bothering to push his pants down, Eric just shoved his hand into his boxers and gripped his cock.


Ah, that’s better.


He tightened his hand and stroked firmly, teasing himself wasn’t any fun.  Teasing Orlando…that was a different story.  But if Eric was going to jerk off, he was going to jerk off.  He wasn’t putting on a show, like Orlando did that one time…


Images of Orlando spread out on their bed, one of his hands braced above his head against the headboard, the other, stroking the soft skin behind his balls.  Then, an image of Orlando spread out on his car popped into his head.  One leg on the ground, one hitched up on the hood.  On his belly, looking over his shoulder at Eric, hair falling over one eye as he fingered himself.


Fuck!  Blood flooded his cock; Eric quickened his stroke as his feet pushed against the floorboards.  The muscles in his thighs flexed with each drag of his hand.  Small beads of sweat formed on Eric’s upper lip as the heat inside the car increased.


“You’d better be thinking of me and not your car.”  Orlando arched a dark brow and tried to look stern.


Eric’s eyes flipped open to see a smirking Orlando leaning against the side of the car and looking pointedly at the hand buried in his pants.  Eric hadn’t heard him creep up.  He must have parked outside and come through the house.  Or Eric was more into jerking off than he realized.


“I always think about you, baby.”  He grinned and reached for the door handle. Orlando snorted. Without bothering to tuck himself in or to fasten his fly, Eric climbed out of the car and moved in front of Orlando, kicking his feet apart and then standing between his spread legs.  Orlando gulped a breath of air, his skin flushed.  The erection that started to form when Orlando spotted Eric’s hand in his pants was now poking him in the thigh.  Eric always affected him like that.  One look from Eric and Orlando was ready to hit the nearest flat surface. Good thing that Orlando had the equal affect on Eric or he’d feel like a slut.


Eric leaned forward and kissed Orlando hungrily.  “I’m glad you finally came home.  I’d much rather come in you than all over the interior.”  He licked a line down Orlando’s neck, biting his shoulder.  “It’d be a bitch to clean up.”


Orlando chuckled and pushed his hands under Eric’s t-shirt, fingers tracing the strong muscles in his back.  “You’d need a really big fucking air freshener too.” 


Eric’s kiss silenced the laughter.  His kiss was slow and deep and it took possession of Orlando gently as it always did, lulling him safely into Eric’s seduction.  Groaning into the softly demanding kiss, Orlando slipped a hand between them and touched the head of Eric’s cock with his thumb, rubbing the pre-come around and Eric groaned, biting Orlando a little harder.  He slid his fingers into Orlando’s hair, controlling the kiss but whimpering softly as Orlando’s thumb circled his cock head.  Orlando kissed the side of Eric’s neck, working his way to Eric’s ear as he pushed Eric’s jeans open and pulled his cock completely free, stroking it.  Orlando did that filthy tongue thing to his ear and Eric squealed and moved back from Orlando, who smiled smugly.


“Do that one more time and I’ll come in your hand,” Eric panted and pulled Orlando’s t-shirt over his head, tossing it behind him without looking.


“You have better control than that.”


“Not really,” Eric grinned and pressed his cock to Orlando’s bare stomach.  “Not with you.”


“Flatterer,” Orlando groaned as Eric worked his hand down the back of his jeans and snaked a tickling finger between Orlando’s cheeks.


“Get your pants off,” Eric growled. 


Orlando’s fingers shook a little as he flicked open the buttons on his fly.  As soon as Eric hand more room he pressed a finger to Orlando’s hole, teasing and circling.


“Fucking…” Orlando groaned and squirmed.


Eric smirked at the warm wetness he felt on his stomach from Orlando’s cock.  Eric pressed his finger again while Orlando was trying to kick off his flip flops.  He stumbled a little, catching his flip flop on the hem of his jeans.  His face pressed against Eric’s chest, he mumbled a soft obscenity.  He nudged Orlando’s head back with his chin and licked at his lips.  “Who has a control problem now?” 


Orlando half moaned, half giggled as he hooked his thumbs into his jeans and pushed them down off his hips, wiggling till they were to his ankles, then he kicked them off.  Eric’s tongue slipped between his lips, twisting with Orlando’s.  Orlando hooked a leg around the back of Eric’s calf, shivering as Eric’s fingers slid over the sensitive skin behind his balls.


Eric broke the kiss and gave Orlando a dirty grin.   “I like it when you’re totally naked and I’m not.”


“I know,” Orlando smiled and blushed, so did he.  “Take your shirt off though.”  He liked Eric’s naked chest more.


Eric pulled off his t-shirt and threw it by Orlando’s.  “Get on the hood.  On your back.”


“What?” Eric had a shit fit if there was even a fingerprint on his car that he couldn’t identify as his own.  And it had been known, that on occasion, Eric had chased seagulls that came within thirty feet of his car. 


“Get on the hood.” Eric repeated as he maneuvered Orlando to the front of the car.


“You’re going to fuck me?  On the Falcon?”


“No, I’m going to buff the paint with your bare ass.”


“I used the wrong damn sponge on the car and you didn’t talk to me all night.”  Orlando arched an eyebrow at him.  “Fucked me,” he smiled, “but didn’t talk to me.”


“It was role play,” Eric teased and grabbed the back of Orlando’s thighs and lifted him onto the hood.  Orlando quickly gripped Eric’s biceps to keep his balance and opened his mouth, but Eric kissed him.  “Quit your bitching.  Lay back.  And let me fuck you.”  He nipped Orlando’s bottom lip.


“’Kay,” Orlando whispered, a little breathless from the promising nip of teeth.


Eric lifted Orlando’s legs as he lay back on the hood and placed them over his shoulders.  He bent over and took Orlando’s cock in his mouth.  Orlando gasped, thrusting into the wet heat.  Eric rested his hands on the back of Orlando’s thighs, right where his butt cheeks met his thighs, holding him in place in case Orlando started squirming.    Eric swirled his tongue around the head of Orlando’s cock, dipping it into the slit.  He moaned as the salty flavor of Orlando slid over his tongue.  Orlando held Eric’s head, the soft curls weaving between his fingers, and began fucking his mouth.  Just as he found a rhythm…


“Lube!”  Eric’s head shot up from between Orlando’s legs. 




“We need lube.”  Eric stood up, Orlando’s legs straightening, his heels now resting on Eric’s shoulders.  “You look like you’re in a Whitesnake video.” 


Orlando lifted his head and stared at him.  “Shuttup, you’re going to ruin this.”


He walked quickly to the massive tool bench at the back of the garage and rummaged in a few drawers.  “Got it.”  He held up a half used tube and turned back, singing softly, “Here I go again, on my own…”


Orlando giggled.  “Shut. Up.”


“Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known.”  He kissed the inside of Orlando’s knee and lifted one of his legs, resting the back of Orlando’s thigh against his chest, his lower leg dangling over Eric’s shoulder.  Shifting his hips so that his cock rubbed along the back of Orlando’s thigh, he flipped open the bottle of lube and poured it over his fingers.  Dark eyes fixed on Orlando’s; Eric gently pressed his fingers to Orlando’s perineum, rubbing. 


The lube was chilly, but Eric’s fingers and his touch were warm.  Orlando moaned and bit his lip, waiting.  He needed something to hold on to.  Christ.  There was so much of Eric and all of it was out of his reach.  He grabbed at the hand that Eric was holding his leg with and twined their fingers together.  Eric slid a finger inside him and Orlando hissed softly, clenching around Eric’s finger. 


The initial sting eased and Orlando bit his lower lip.  “More.”  Eric inserted a second finger.  Orlando moaned and he lifted his ass off the hood, trying to push down on Eric’s fingers, but with on leg over Eric’s shoulder and the other with just his heel on the fender, he couldn’t get the leverage.   “Eric,” he moaned.


Eric took up a steady tempo, fucking Orlando slowly with his fingers, opening him.  Kissing the inside of Orlando’s thigh, Eric watched him, fascinated and enthralled.  The rosy flush that crept up Orlando’s throat and face, the curve of his neck, the flutter of his thick eyelashes.  The furrow in his brow as he concentrated on what Eric was doing to him.  Lips moving silently sometimes, other times cursing or moaning Eric’s name.


He wrapped his hand around his own cock, and stroked it slowly.  He moved his mouth further down Orlando’s thigh, sucking the smooth skin between his teeth.  “God, I love watching you,” he panted.


Warmth flooded his body as Eric moved his fingers in and out of his body, angling them to caress his prostate.  Sweat broke out on his back, making him slip on the car hood.  It felt so fucking good.


Except for one thing.


“I can’t reach…I don’t like…ah…”


Don’t like.  Eric stilled.  Don’t like?  Those were two words that were not usually heard in their intimate moments.  And if they were, it had to do with a scratchy blanket or foul tasting edible body paint.  And Eric didn’t like that they were being said now.


“Don’t like not kissing you,” Orlando panted, “not touching you.  When we’re…fucking.”


Whatever Orlando wanted, Eric delivered. 


He pulled his fingers free, leaned forward as Orlando sat up and met him with a kiss.  His arms encircled Orlando, sliding him lower down on the hood.  Orlando wrapped his legs around Eric and pulled.  Their cocks rubbed together, they both gasped.


“You’re right.  We should always be touching or kissing,” Eric panted and went right back to kissing Orlando.  He lifted Orlando off the car, holding him until Orlando got his feet under him.  Nuzzling his lips, Eric whispered, “Need to fuck you.”


Orlando turned slowly, keeping his eyes on Eric and placed his hands on the car hood.  He bent at the waist, tilting his ass up and spreading his legs. 


Eric molded his chest to Orlando’s back, kissing the nape of his neck.  He pushed his jeans to his thighs and pressed his cock into the cleft of Orlando’s ass, sliding it in the lube.  He took hold of Orlando’s hands and pressed them to the car hood.  His chest rubbed Orlando’s back as Eric kicked his feet further apart and shifted his hips so the head of his cock dragged over Orlando’s hole.  Orlando shivered and writhed, working his body to align with Eric’s. 


“Fantastic,” he murmured.

“Mmmm,” Orlando agreed.


“Was talking about the paint job.”


“So was I,” he grinned and turned to bite Eric’s bottom lip.


Smiling around kisses, Eric whispered, “I love you.  Never had so much fun fucking before you.”


Orlando scrunched up his nose and gave him a silly smile at the dirty-romantic sentiment.  “Love you too.”


Holding Orlando’s cheek and kissing him, Eric took his cock in hand and placed the head at Orlando’s hole.  Orlando gasped, eyelids fluttering closed as Eric pushed into him. His head fell forward to rest on the car hood 


When he was fully inside Orlando, balls flush against Orlando’s ass, Eric held still for a minute.  Just breathing, panting against Orlando’s back.  So tight, so warm, so good.  Rocking his hips, Eric moved his cock just slightly, enough to feel wonderful.  Orlando breathed deeply; he didn’t need time to adjust to Eric’s size.  And Eric knew that.  But they both wanted the time to savor the push of Eric’s body into Orlando’s.  To feel every part of his body stretch to take Eric inside himself.


Slowly, Orlando lifted his head and curved his body backwards towards Eric.  He turned his face and licked at Eric’s lips and reached behind Eric to hold his hip.  “Fuck me.”


Two words that never failed to make Eric lose it.  Eric withdrew a fraction then slammed his body forward, lifting Orlando off his feet.  Orlando thrust backward, meeting Eric’s drive and sending pleasure sparking through both their systems.  Orlando tightened all his muscles, clamping down hard around Eric’s cock.  “Oh fuck, do that again.”


Orlando braced himself against the pummeling he knew was coming, with both hands on the car hood.  His fingertips squeaked on surface of the car.  Eric pressed his open mouth to Orlando’s shoulder, his groans muffled but still loud.  The speed and ferocity of his thrusts into Orlando multiplied, and the car shook with the strength of Eric fucking Orlando.


Eric released Orlando’s hands, taking hold of his hip with one, and wrapping the other around Orlando’s cock.  He stroked his cock in time with his movements into Orlando’s body.  Orlando shuddered around him, sending vibrations coursing though Eric’s cock.  He panted loudly between soft curses and praises of Eric, his breathing shallow, as if each thrust of Eric’s cock knocked the air out of him.


“Eric…” Orlando moaned.  “Make me come.”


“God…Orlando!” Eric cried out, his teeth biting into Orlando’s shoulder.  His control gone, Eric pounded into Orlando.  Incoherent phrases flew from his mouth when Eric bit him and he came, come spurting onto the hood of the Falcon.  Orlando tightened immeasurably around Eric with his orgasm, the heat and tightness around his cock drove him over the edge and Eric climaxed immediately after Orlando.


Eric kissed along Orlando’s shoulders, his hands trembling as they gripped Orlando’s fingers on the hood of car.  “Oh fuck that was good,” Orlando mumbled.  He pushed back; gripping Eric with his body, pulling a little more pleasure from their waning orgasms.


Once Eric felt steady on his feet, he carefully pulled out of Orlando and turned him around, taking Orlando in his arms and kissed him gently.  He nestled his face into Orlando’s neck, hugging him tightly.


“Wanna take a road trip?”


“You’re not going to muzzle me, are you?”


“Never, I love to hear you talk.”


“Right,” Orlando snorted.


“Maybe for just the first couple of hours,” Eric teased and kissed Orlando’s nose.


~ end ~

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